Southport Piano / Music Academy raised £800 for the Botanic Gardes in Churchtown through a variety show

Talented students from Southport Piano and Music Academy have raised £800 to improve the Botanic Gardens in Churchtown. 

The students performed a superb variety show, with piano playing, singers, beatboxing, dancing, drama, violin, ukelele and clarinet. It was Sponsored by Moving Works, which donated £50. 

The funds raised will go towards the Make A Change for Botanic campaign, which has already raised nearly £40,000 to carry out their ambitions of making vital safety improvements at the Victorian-era park. The group has already installed water aeration fountains to improve the water quality, and is keen to raise enough funds to dredge part of the Serpentine lake. 

Guests at the variety show had the chance to win some superb raffle prizes which included: a top prize of a £50 Amazon gift voucher donated by David Rawsthorne; a Croziers of Birkdale voucher; Tropics & Avon vouchers; a decorating voucher from IJ Decorating; £50 voucher from HoarderBellaHoy; 2 guitar lessons donated by Dave Aston, who runs Battle of the Bands and the Southport Market Open Mic Night. Dave also teaches for the Academy. 

Southport Piano and Music Academy Principal Claire Kelly said: “Casandra Kotchie stunned the audience with her solo of Nessun Dorma – she is an amazing singer! 

“She actually opened the new Trafford Centre building last year with that solo. 

“Joe Bloom who is an exceptionally young talented pianist from The Royal Northern School of Music played the finale and you could hear a pin drop. He has currently joined the team teaching advanced pedology. 

“Stewart Hankinson, Master of Music who also accompanied the young clarinet player and singers, played. He also teaches music at Liverpool University as well as for Southport Piano Academy. 

“The young Enzo Collantes wowed the audience with his solo of Burgmuller’s Ballade. 

“Matthew Cook, who is ranked number 7 at beatboxing in the country, gave a demonstration in the microphone which was incredible. 

“Little Miss Teen Merseyside made an appearance and  was in charge of drawing the raffle. 

“The Chairwoman of the Southport Music Festival, Sue Dexter, attended the event as the special guest. 

“The event takes place later this year with more details here: Southport Music Festival | Founded 1907

“Sue Dexter gave a speech all about the cause – Make A Change For Botanic.” 

Sue Dexter said: “Being here this evening has lifted my hopes and spirits and I can see that music is still alive in Southport. 

“Music festivals around us are slowly dying. Numbers are dwindling, but Southport Music Festival has still remained after all these years.

“There is not one person here tonight who could not enter the festival and perform, there is so much talent.” 

Claire Kelly said: “It was an absolutely sensational concert. I am so, so proud of my students and the teaching team and the other performers who shared their talents, including the national award-winning dancer, Eden Barbe. 

“I am absolutely thrilled with the amount we have raised and I hope it will make at least a small difference to the Make A Change for Botanic cause.”


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