The Blue Plaque scheme is being rolled out across England

Southport residents will be able to nominate local heroes for the iconic Blue Plaque scheme. 

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport today announced a national Blue Plaques scheme to celebrate people throughout history who made an important and positive contribution to human welfare or happiness across England. 

The scheme, which will be developed and led by Historic England, will recognise that every place has a unique story to tell, and help to showcase the importance of heritage everywhere.

We have many notable people who live or have lived in Southport – and Stand Up For Southport would love to see you put their names forward! 

We have many notable Southport residents. They include: 

Red Rum – the world’s most famous racehorse 

Ginger McCain – Red Rum’s trainer 

Rev Marcus Morris and Frank Hampson – the creators of ‘space pilot of the future’ Dan Dare 

Sir Kenny Dalglish and Marina Dalglish – Liverpool FC’s greatest ever player and managerial great and a huge support to the Hillsborough families, and the founder of the Marina Dalglish Appeal and a leading cancer campaigner

Christiana Hartley – Social and welfare rights activist who founded the Christiana Hartley Maternity Hospital 

William Atkinson – Public benefactor who created The Atkinson cultural centre in Southport 

Herbert Ponting – Polar explorer and pioneering photographer who captured the images of Captain Scott’s iconic expedition to the South Pole in 1910-1913 

 Anthony Quayle – Leading Hollywood actor and star of movies including ‘Guns Of Navarone’ and ‘Ice Cold In Alex’ 

Marc Almond – Pop legend singer-songwriter who enjoyed many solo hits and Soft Cell success 

Adele Roberts – Radio 1 DJ, fundraiser, Guinness world record holder and cancer campaigner 

Who else would you like to see put forward? Let’s start the debate! 

It would be great to see some local names put forward and for some notable Blue Plaques to start taking pride of place in Southport. 

Lord Parkinson, Arts and Heritage Minister Department for Culture, Media and Sport said: 

“London’s Blue Plaques have long been world-renowned. For over 150 years they have helped to celebrate the rich and diverse heritage of our capital city and the people who have passed through it.
“But people everywhere should be able to celebrate the figures who have shaped their community – which is why we are seeking to extend this opportunity across the country, to allow people and buildings from anywhere in England to be nominated.
“I encourage people to get thinking about who has helped to define their community and makes them proud of where they live so that their impact on their home area, as well as the wider world, can be recognised and celebrated.” 

Recent polling has revealed that 84% of people in England think it is important that people pass on stories of local history, and place-marking initiatives such as the Blue Plaques scheme can increase levels of civic pride and positive connections to place, and encourage a sense of belonging.  

The national Blue Plaques project recognises the value and success of the London scheme, which will continue to be led by English Heritage, as well as the numerous local schemes across the country. 

Historic England will work together with English Heritage, local partners, and current plaque schemes as the national programme is developed and rolled out.  

Duncan Wilson, Chief Executive Historic England said: 

“Standing in a historic place and finding a Blue Plaque, or historical place marker, brings us face to face with our shared history. 

“In developing a national Blue Plaques scheme that will celebrate heritage across England, we want to help people feel a stronger connection to the history all around us and shine a light on the people and places of the past which have made us who we are.
“Working with local partners we will build on the value and success of the London scheme led by English Heritage and the many other schemes that exist in communities across the country.”

For queries about the scheme contact or sign up to the Historic England newsletter for updates on this and other heritage highlights. 

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