Was this the year when Father Christmas gave his sleigh and reindeer a rest, and travelled in a DUKW accompanied by Southport Lifeguards instead? 

Do you remember seeing these iconic vehicles on Southport Beach? Do you remember the famous lifeguards who saved so many lives during the years? 

This photo was taken in 1991, with Southport hostess Connie Creighton taking Santa and children on a fun day out in Southport. 

The DUKW (colloquially known as Duck) is a six-wheel-drive amphibious vehicle which was widely used by the U.S. military during World War II and the Korean War to transport goods and troops over land and water. 

Connie Creighton’s tour of Southport also included visits to Southport Pleasureland, crazy golf at Kings Gardens, The Scarisbrick Hotel – and a speedboat trip on the Marine Lake. 

Also in our Christmas collection today is a photo of the famous Round Table Santa Sleigh, taken on 5th December 1982. 

It is a great Southport tradition that carries on to this day. 

Southport Hesketh Round Table is currently carrying out Santa Sleigh rides around streets across Southport. 

The visits bring some festive cheer to local children, while volunteers also raise money for charities and good causes in our area.

The stunning Wayfarers Arcade, on Lord Street in Southport, was a busy place in December 1981! 

Shops inside the arcade included The Wayfarers Arts, Rebecca’s Jewellery, and Sandpiper. 

Shoppers were treated to Christmas carols from a variety of bands. 

Father Christmas, and the stars of that year’s pantomime at Southport Theatre, also paid a visit. 

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