A meal from Megafauna at Southport Eats

Takeaways, restaurants, pubs and cafes in Southport have saved themselves a quarter of a million pounds during 2022 thanks to a revolutionary local app.

Sam Benson launched Southport Eats as a way of providing local businesses in the town with an efficient, reliable service without the very high charges demanded by some of the big multinational companies in the industry such as Just Eats, Deliveroo or Uber Eats.

It’s been a crucial advantage for business owners at a time of rising costs.

More than 110 local venues have already signed up to Southport Eats, with more joining every week.

The lower costs mean greater value for customers too with savings being passed on, with frequent discounts and exclusive offers.

Ordering via the Southport Eats app is easy too.

Southport eats Managing Director Sam Benson said: “A quarter of a million pounds in 2022! That’s how much you guys have saved local takeaways in the area by ordering with Southport Eats in 2022

“That’s an extra £250,000 that has remained in the local economy, by takeaways retaining more of their profits, rather than being sat in the bank of an international corporation.

“Did you know, on an average order, your favourite local takeaway is at least £1.56 better off if you order with Southport Eats instead of a large national brand!

Southport Eats

Southport Eats

“Even if a takeaway only does 100 orders in a week, you can see how you guys supporting local makes a huge difference

“Some of the big corporations can charge anywhere between 15% and 36% on every order. That’s a huge amount for a small business to absorb. Some of them are based overseas, so millions of pounds are flowing out of the country every year.

“As well as being much cheaper we also provide an efficient service, excellent advertising and great local support too. 

“We have a huge range of local businesses on board too, with a superb choice for customers. People can choose breakfasts, pub food, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, everything really!

“As a thank you for supporting local, these savings that are made not only allow takeaways to keep their prices down and employ more local staff, but it also allows them to offer flash offers, discounts, deals and giveaways with the money they are saving, allowing you guys to save some money too.

“The difference you guys have already made and continue to make by supporting local is amazing.

“Your local takeaways urge you, if you haven’t already, download the Southport Eats app and lets save our local businesses even more money in 2023!”

Food from Shake and Roll at Southport Eats

Customers will recognise lots of local businesses on the Southport Eats app.

Sgt Peppers joined last week, among several to sign up in November and December.

There are over 10 Chinese takeaways including: Lucky Star (new), New Spring Deer (exclusive), Sea Palace, Lings On Kings, Panda Garden, Sun Tin, and Cathay Garden.

Pubs on board include the Woollen Pig, and The Thatch.

You could grab desserts from Shake n Roll; fabulous grilled food from Turkish Grill House; ribs from Gannets; vegan food from Megafauna; hog roast barms from The Farmhouse Kitchen; pizza from Mr Casey’s, kebabs from Sahara; burgers from Hey Burger; drinks from West Street Off License; and much, much more besides when you explore the Southport Eats app.

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