Chocolate Whirled owners Laura and Simon Stevens with one of the gigantic eggs

Southport BID feature by Tony McDonough, LBN News 

Southport is hosting the “world’s biggest chocolate egg hunt” over the school Easter holidays – and you could win one of SIX giant eggs to take home!

DinoTown organiser Southport BID has carefully hidden gigantic dinosaur-themed eggs in places around Southport town centre. 

Can you find all six? 

The giant hunt features some of the largest chocolate eggs ever made.

It is part of DinoTown Southport, which has seen thousands of families discovering brilliant brick-built dinosaurs. It is completely free. 

Dinosaur themed activities have been taking place in the town centre and will continue until this Sunday, 14th April 2024.

Using an activity map, Dino Rangers will be tasked with finding the eggs and completing a fun competition. If that wasn’t enough, six lucky entrants will be chosen at random to win a Dinormous egg to take home.

Activity maps are available to download here:

The super-sized chocolates stand at 3ft tall and weigh in at a whopping 25kg. 

DinoTown in Southport. Photo by Bertie Cunningham Southport BID

DinoTown in Southport. Photo by Bertie Cunningham Southport BID

Southport-based confectioners Chocolate Whirled has been tasked with creating the eggs, which were made primarily from Belgian milk chocolate and marbled using white and dark chocolate.

Each egg took 12 hours to assemble, with a minimum of two people being required to move the gigantic treats. The dinosaur characters were created using coloured cocoa butter and the butterflies were made using wafer paper.

There are an extra two eggs available to win at Ocean Plaza, where Vue Cinema and Matalan are hosting Mini Dino Egg Hunts. 

This will be a bitesize activity, with a number of smaller eggs to be discovered at both locations.

DinoTown Southport, which is being organised by Southport BID, has seen a range of free activities taking place across the town centre over the Easter holidays.

During the BRICKOSAURS exhibition, visitors can enjoy the chance to come face-to-face with fifteen brick-built dinosaurs, made using over 550,000 toy bricks.

The models include a pair of colossal Velociraptors, a club-tailed Ankylosaur, and a majestic Pteranodon in mid-flight.  Not forgetting the vibrant green Parasaurolophus, which is constructed of over 110,00 bricks alone.

But hurry – you have until Sunday! 


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