Angela Wilson is taking part in the Jail and Bail fundraiser for Queenscourt Hospice.

By Queenscourt Crime Correspondent Andrew Brown

Southport Hospital superstar Angela Wilson is taking on several daring challenges to celebrate her 60th birthday this year – but one of them could land her in ‘jail’. 

People are now being urged to help secure Angela’s ‘freedom’ as she seeks to raise the £999 ‘bail’ money needed as she takes on the 2024 Jail and Bail fundraiser on 7th June, with every penny raised going to Queenscourt Hospice. 

Angela was the first ‘inmate’ to sign up for this year’s Jail and Bail challenge. 

She works in the Catering team at Southport Hospital three days a week and supports her NHS colleagues as a UNISON Welfare Officer two days a week. 

Angela said: “I am really looking forward to Jail and Bail and having a great time while raising funds for a fantastic cause. 

I have always supported Queenscourt Hospice whenever I can.

“They have supported so many people close to me over the years. 

“One of them was a close friend of my husband’s, just 12 months ago. 

“Queenscourt is a local charity that supports so many people in our community. 

“I have been encouraged to sign up by Hayley Jones at Queenscourt. Hayley was a good friend of my beautiful niece Ashleigh , who we lost 12 months ago. 

“Queenscourt Hospice is my go-to place for fundraising.” 

Jail and Bail will see Angela take on some daunting challenges to raise the £999 needed to raise the ‘bail’ needed to secure her release. 

You can support her through her JustGiving page here: Angela wilson is fundraising for Queenscourt Hospice ( 

She said: “I am going into the unknown! 

“I just don’t know what to expect.

“I do know I have to raise £999 in ‘bail’ money and that I will be wearing a ‘prison’ uniform on the day! I hope people support me in my bid to make ‘parole’! 

“Along the way I am sure there will be quite a few surprises! 

Angela Wilson is taking part in the Jail and Bail fundraiser for Queenscourt Hospice.

Angela Wilson is taking part in the Jail and Bail fundraiser for Queenscourt Hospice.
Photo by Andrew Brown Stand Up For Southport

“I am very fortunate that I have already received quite a few donations from all sorts of people in the NHS, in UNISON, from family and friends, and I’m really grateful for their support.” 

Angela has worked at Southport Hospital for the past 12 years and has worked in catering all her working life. 

Before working in the NHS, she was the Catering Manager at Hillside Golf Club. 

She was born in Bootle and moved to Southport when she was 13 years old. 

She lived in Ainsdale and now lives in Crossens in Southport. 

Her husband, Paul, is a Theatre Assistant at Southport Hospital. 

The couple have three sons: Jamie, 41; Daniel, 35; and Liam, 22 along with three grandchildren; Willow, 9; Renie, 5; and Tommy, 4. 

Angela is looking forward to celebrating her 60th birthday this year – providing she can raise ‘bail’! 

She said: “I want to do lots of new and unexpected things and challenges throughout my 60th year to mark the occasion. 

“Taking on Jail and Bail seemed like a great way of doing that! 

“Recently my husband, and I hired a motor home and toured Wales in it. 

“There are lots of things we want to do this year.” 

Every penny raised through Jail & Bail will go towards Queenscourt Hospice, which provides care and support for residents across West Lancashire, Southport and Formby, 365 days a year.

Queenscourt is staging this brand new fundraiser in collaboration with Stand Up For Southport 10am-3pm on Friday, 7th June 2023 at Access Point, based inside the former Southport Magistrates’ Court building, on Albert Road in Southport.

A handful of other local ‘criminals’ have already had their collars felt – organisers are looking forward to bringing them together in June as a ‘chain gang’.

Several local businesses are supporting the initiative on the day.

Queenscourt Hospice provides access to specialist palliative care either at home (including care homes), hospital or in Queenscourt via the Inpatient Unit or as an Outpatient.

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