Lord Street in Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

Southport College has launched a brand new course, supported by Southport Town Deal, to deliver superb customer service skills across all Southport businesses. 

The free half-day course is available for employees in the town. 

Candidates will receive a certificate and a ‘Customer Experience Champion’ pin-badge to wear at work.

Southport College Deputy principal Mark Burrows said: “Exciting news: we are launching Southport College’s Excellence in Customer Service Programme! 

“I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the next phase of our Excellence in Customer Service Programme, which is part of the Southport Town Deal. 

“This initiative aligns with the multi-million-pound development of the Marine Lake Events Centre in Southport.

“This programme is specially designed for local businesses in the Southport area. The best part? It’s entirely FREE! 

“In a world where exceptional customer service sets businesses apart, we’re committed to equipping our local workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in customer-facing roles. 

“By investing in our community, we believe in boosting customer satisfaction and fostering economic growth.

“Participants will gain access to a comprehensive, tailored and innovative training curriculum that covers all aspects of delivering high quality customer service. 

“From communication skills to problem-solving techniques, we’ve got it all covered. 

“We can deliver this training either in the workplace or at our town centre campus.

“If you’re eager to join our Excellence in Customer Service Programme and make a positive impact in Southport, please register your interest on our website by following the link below.


In the pursuit of delivering excellent customer service skills across all Southport businesses, employers in the Town Deal area are invited to enrol their staff onto this course.

The Southport College course is tailored to your business and the training could be delivered either on-site at your workplace or at our Southport town centre campus on Mornington Road.

It is suitable for all customer facing staff with the aim of training employees on effective ways to develop and enhance their skills, no matter their existing ability.

Southport College has industry professionals delivering the course and upon successful completion, candidates will receive a certificate and a ‘Customer Experience Champion’ pin-badge to wear at work.

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