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Southport Artists for The Ukraine are staging a special art exhibition and art sale at Southport Market this April to raise money for victims of the war. 

The event, in association with Silcock Leisure Group, will be held from Thursday, 7th April 2022 to Sunday, 10th April 2022. 

The Southport Artists for The Ukraine exhibition is a co-operation of visual artists and photographers who have got together to donate artworks to raise funds for aid and support for Ukrainian refugees. 

People will be able to buy works of art from artists across the region, with proceeds going towards the Ukrainian families who have been so suddenly and so tragically displaced by war. 

Organiser Tony Wynne said: “It is going to be an extraordinary exhibition because it is going to be so varied. You will be able to come and see really edgy street art from Liverpool, which may be on display next to watercolours of Hesketh Park in Southport.” 

The event is being held in the Southport Market events hall. 

We have all seen the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Ukraine as a result of a brutal war. 

Over a million civilians have been displaced by the conflict, fleeing to neighbouring countries such as Poland and Moldava.

Southport Artists For The Ukraine

Many of those fleeing are families with children, having to leave all they possess behind as well as fathers, brothers and grandfathers who have remained to defend their country.

Families who only two weeks ago were living their normal lives, going to work, going to schools or nurseries, are now refugees in a scenario not seen in Europe since the dark days of the Second World War.

These people need help. They need food, they need clothes, they need shelter, they need warmth, some need medical attention. All need our help. 

Exhibition co-ordinator Tony Wynne said: “‘We have all seen the horrible humanitarian disaster in The Ukraine unfold right in front of our eyes on TV and social media.

“For me personally, it is the plight of the children that gets to me most – children just like my grandchildren, whose lives have been changed forever.

“Southport is rich in artistic and creative talent, more so than many towns of its size.

“Many of our town’s creative people know each other which has made the artistic unity in support of this cause possible.

“We know that every artwork sold will make some difference – be it to buy food, clothes, sleeping bags, toothpaste -.anything to help the desperate needs of these people.” 

Since the exhibition was set up, there has been tremendous support from people eager to take part. 

Tony said: “As news of this exhibition has spread even artists from outside of Southport have offered to donate work which is quite something.

“Southport is a charitable town and many people have come forward to offer support for this project.

“One of the first to offer help was Silcock Leisure Group based in Southport and we thank Serena Silcock-Prince for her continuing belief in this project.

“Putting a project like this together in such a short time requires a great deal of time and effort and the team at Sefton Council tourism department and Southport Market have been fantastic in helping to plan this event.

“That being said, there is much to do over the next four weeks and any help offered would be gratefully received.” 

Silcock Leisure Group Operations Manager Serena Silcock-Prince said: “The Ukraine crisis is a cause that is on everyone’s lips, and is in everyone’s hearts.

“There is no escaping what is going on over there. 

“When I spoke with Tony Wynne, I said we would be delighted to do wherever we could to support this event. Silcock Leisure Group has donated £1,000 in sponsorship.

“Everybody wants to find a way to help.

“The Southport Artists for The Ukraine exhibition is such a wonderful idea. It is nice to be able to get such a broad spectrum of art for people to come and enjoy.

“It is a really exciting event and I hope it will be very well supported.” 

All funds raised by the sales of artworks from this exhibition will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee which includes the British Red Cross and Save The Children. 



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