A programme launched to help householders in Southport to clear their clutter has been hailed as a 'sweeping success'

A programme launched to help householders in Southport to clear their clutter has been hailed as a ‘sweeping success’ by local councillors and residents. 

The scheme has seen a series of community skips being funded by Norwood Ward councillors to help clean up their area.

The latest round has been enthusiastically received, with many local people expressing their support and thanks for the initiative.

Three of the four collections planned in the latest series have now taken place and have seen tonnes of household clutter cleared, from soggy settees left on driveways for weeks to mattresses going mouldy from being left out in the open and countless other domestic items being disposed of responsibly. 

Cllr Mhairi Doyle MBE says it’s proved a real hit with locals.

She said: “It’s not always easy for people to get rid of this stuff, especially if they don’t have their own transport or have mobility issues, are elderly or the like.

“Some are simply working hours that don’t lend themselves to getting to a tip easily or can’t fit the items into the vehicle they have.

“There are all sorts of reasons why clutter can build up, so the community skips we provide can be a real blessing – especially as we will volunteer if we can to try and help move items if residents in the street can’t manage.”   

Cllr Greg Myers has been the main organiser of the scheme and says the volunteers are also critical in helping staff the skips to avoid prohibited items being dumped.

He said: “These are community skips so we don’t allow building materials to be deposited, or anything like fridges, freezers, old gas bottles or batteries etc, anything that needs to be safely disposed of basically.

“We’ve still managed to fill every skip so far with everything from soggy sofas to wrecked wardrobes and it’s gone down really well with our residents.

“This series has been another sweeping success and completes in a couple of weeks but we’ll certainly be looking to do more, our ward funds allowing.” 

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