Chetan Thakkar

By Jail and Bail Crime Correspondent Andrew Brown 

The Head of Finance at Queenscourt Hospice will be hoping the figures add up to secure his release this Friday (15th September 2023) – and so will his wife. 

Chetan Thakkar is facing porridge after being ‘charged’ with the crime of committing the ‘triple D’ – Dodging Dad Duties!

He is among 12 fearless fundraisers taking part in the brand new Queenscourt Hospice Jail and Bail challenge this Friday (15th September 2023). 

Each of them will be ‘arrested’, ‘charged’ and then tried’ at the former Southport Magistrates Court (now the Access point offices). 

To win their freedom they must secure the help of members of the public to raise a minimum in £999 in ‘bail’ money, with every penny going to Queenscourt Hospice. 

You can donate to Chetan here: Prabtosh Thakkar is fundraising for Queenscourt Hospice ( 

He already has some superb help on hand, in the form of his wife and ‘legal representative’, Prabtosh Thakkar. 

Chaten was inspired to take part by the work he sees working at Queenscourt Hospice every day.

He said: “As the Head of Finance at Queenscourt Hospice, I immensely understand the importance of raising funds for the Hospice as these funds contribute towards the operational activities of our charity. 

“My inspiration comes from the way services are provided, various activities carried out by the Hospice and the difference it makes to families, friends, community and loved ones. 

“Personally, whenever possible, I like to support a great cause and Queenscourt Hospice is a prime example of it. 

“I have even encouraged my better half, Prabtosh, to join this wonderful cause by being my legal representative and helping to raise the bail money. 

“Prabtosh’s employers, Barclays, will very kindly match the funds raised which will be an amazing contribution.”  

Chetan has worked at Queenscourt for nearly two years.

Having worked within accountancy practices for over 14 years, he was looking for a new challenge and wanted to make a difference in the community. 

After learning what Queenscourt Hospice does, he says it was an easy decision for him to want to become a part of the team. He joined in December 2021 and has never looked back since.

As part of his role, he oversees the provision of essential statutory financial information to support the Trustees, Directors and budget holders of the charity.

Why should people support your appeal for £999 in bail money?

Chetan said: “I feel that the accusation of Dodging Dad Duties is appalling. I am a brilliant dad and spend plenty of time with my family. However, at times I do put Queenscourt Hospice first, purely because I have experienced, first hand, what the team does to provide compassionate care for the people of West Lancashire, Formby and Southport. 

“They care for patients with serious illnesses, enabling them to achieve the best possible quality of life at each new stage. 

Chetan Thakkar

“Therefore, I would welcome all the support for my appeal for £999 in bail money.”

Queenscourt Hospice is staging this brand new Jail and Bail fundraiser in collaboration with Stand Up For Southport.

It takes place 10am-3pm on Friday, 15th September 2023 at Access Point, based inside the former Southport Magistrates’ Court building, on Albert Road in Southport.

Queenscourt Hospice provides access to specialist palliative care either at home (including care homes), hospital or in Queenscourt via the Inpatient Unit or as an Outpatient.


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