The Big Wheel Southport

Residents from care homes throughout Sefton will be treated to tea and cake after a trip to the top of the town next Tuesday (July 19), courtesy of Southport’s new Big Wheel.

Some 13 care homes have signed up to bring many of Southport and wider Sefton’s senior citizens along to be among the first to enjoy an uninterrupted view from the town’s tallest accessible structure. 

Together with carers and family members, the Big Wheel’s ‘Party in the Round’ is expected to number up to 200 people, with the majority in their 80s.

Southport Pleasureland CEO, Norman Wallis, who owns and operates the town’s Big Wheel, approached Chair and Founder of North and South Sefton Care Home Group Jonathan Cunningham MBE to set the wheel in motion for a celebration of the borough’s elders, many of whom will remember the park’s early decades.

Pleasureland first opened its doors in 1913.

Mr Wallis said: “The park is well over 100 years old and big wheel structures have been around since June of 1893, when the Chicago Wheel started operating. They’ve remained incredibly popular and are a fantastic way to enjoy stunning views. 

“We wanted to offer a trip, with the park’s compliments, to some of the most important members of our community, and that’s what we’re doing next week.” 

On the shoreline of the Marine Lake next to the Pleasureland Park, the 35-metre tall wheel offers long-ranging views for passengers in its 24 six-passenger carriages.

After their flights, passengers will be served light refreshments at the Big Wheel’s Alpine Village.

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