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Warmer and sunnier days and nights are coming as The Grand in Southport launches its brand new Small Plates Menu! 

The menu is perfect for customers eating either indoors or in the large outdoor seating area outside The Grand, on Lord Street. 

The small plates are fantastic value at just either £6 or £7 each, or three for just £15. 

Award-winning Mikhail Hotel and Leisure Group Chef Director Colin Gannon and his team have spent the past few weeks putting together what they believe will be some very popular dishes. 

Customers can choose from the likes of: Black Pudding and Apple Bon Bon; Mini Caesar Salad; Tandoori Spiced Chicken Wings; Mac and Cheese Bites; Teriyaki Pork Belly; Crispy Calamari; Tomato Bruschetta; Artisan Breads; Baked Goat’s Cheese; Smoked Salmon Pasta; Authentic Houmous; and Sea Salt Fries. 

The menu is available Monday to Thursday 12pm-9pm and Fridays and Saturdays 12pm-5pm. 

Colin said: “It is great to see us getting lighter nights and better weather again! 

“We have a great outdoor seating area at The Grand, and it is a beautiful place inside too. 

“We have designed this menu to be delicious but really relaxed and very affordable. 

“People can come and sit outside for their drinks and if they’re hungry, they can order as many small plates as they like while enjoying a glass of prosecco or a nice cold beer. 

“They can order just one, or three for £15, which is fantastic value. 

Small Plates at The Grand in Southport

“This is very cost effective for our customers, and there is something that everyone will love. 

“Since The Grand opened two years ago, it has become famous for becoming a real destination place, which is really busy at times of year like Christmas, for nights out, birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, live music, superb events. 

“We want people to think of it as a really fun, relaxed place too where they can just call in and enjoy their lunch or their tea, and share great times with friends and family. 

“With the quality of our chefs and our ingredients, our food is exceptional, so £15 for three courses is amazing. 

“We’re sure it’s going to become popular!”




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