Dan Johnstone of 600 Degrees and James Swire of Graft Pizza

Would you like to learn how to make the perfect pizza?

Or perhaps the pizza lover in your life would enjoy picking up some top tips?

The experts from 600 Degrees and Graft Pizza are staging a Pizza 101 event with limited places available on a first come first served basis.

It takes place at Southport Market from 9.30am on Saturday, 21st January 2023.

People can book their places online here or can call into 600 Degrees at Southport Market.

The Neapolitan Style Pizza Masterclass will show you how to make the perfect pizza every time, with both traditional and contemporary methods.

It will be led by Dan Johnstone of 600 Degrees and James Swire of Graft Pizza.

Is an intensive one-day group course, for all levels of pizza enthusiast, they will cover all the necessary skills from dough mixing and dough stretching techniques, to managing the oven and all the good stuff – lots of pizza! – in between.

Dan said: “We have had lots of interest in the course already! We have five or six people signed up which is really good, and others asking us questions about the course.

“It is a very practical, hands-on course, covering all the practical aspects of Neapolitan pizza making.

“More and more people are getting their own pizza ovens at home or in their gardens. It’s becoming really popular. You can’t beat it.

“Maybe someone you know is expecting a pizza oven for Christmas, in which case this course would be the perfect present to accompany it!

“Some people have children or other family members who love pizza, so want to learn how to make them from fresh, which makes all the difference to frozen pizza!

“It is also suitable for chefs who work in the industry who want to increase their cooking skills.

“This course is aimed mainly at adults, although it would also be accessible for older children, maybe from 12 upwards.

Dan Johnstone of 600 Degrees

Dan Johnstone of 600 Degrees

“The course will make a great, unique Christmas present for people, and we will have vouchers available here at 600 Degrees that people can buy.”

Some areas covered in the Workshop include:

  • Basics of dough chemistry
  • Dough calculations and balling method
  • Stretching techniques
  • Styles of Neapolitan Pizza
  • Topping fundamentals
  • Pizza launching technique
  • Management of a gas and wood fired oven
  • Essential equipment and how to use

Students will leave the course knowing how to make Neapolitan pizza from start to finish and will confidently be able to stretch, launch and bake their own pizzas.

They will gain practical pizzeria experience and time on the wood fired oven in Southport Market, assisted by knowledgeable instructors Dan and James.

All students will receive a Master Class manual to recap on the key areas, a Certificate of Attendance and a Pizza Pack containing everything they need to go away that weekend and impress their friends and family with their new skills!

The course is limited to 20 spaces, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Dan launched 600 Degrees in 2017 and has honed his skills on several return visits to Italy.

He said: “It all started when I visited The Amalfi Coast and spent some time in Naples, the home of the Neapolitan Pizza. I have been to Napoli a few times since.

“James has done training in Napoli as well. He does a lot of mobile work.

“We are both still learning! People don’t realise just how much is involved in pizza making, and how much you need to know and experience.

“Each day at 600 Degrees, we freshly make our dough using only the finest Caputo flour, yeast, salt and water then leave it to prove for 48 hours.

“We both have lots of knowledge that we can pass onto people.

“We have also set up a special Facebook group, Pizza 101, where people on the course can join in, ask questions, share tips and experiences and keep the learning process going.”


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