By Blair Hilton, Imagine Formby

Formby’s alleyways are being transformed – but we need your support!

Imagine Formby is Formby’s own community interest company, set up to improve the social and business life in the centre.

With a huge amount of help from Formby Squirrels Rotary Club, Imagine Formby’s Arts / Heritage Group led by Lynne Harwood and Pat Wordley are planning the transformation of the alleyways between Chapel Lane and the car parks.

We’re aiming for a mixture of murals, planters, imaginative lighting and ‘living walls’, but need some money for the artists.

We’ll suggest some names as well, and ask for views and suggestions. The basics, that’s weeding and cleaning, on the widest alleyway is done!

The designs haven’t been finalised yet, but we can give you an idea. 

The plan is to develop a theme specific to the alleyways, reflecting their past or imaginative ideas about the centre. Here’s an idea though, from work done in other town centres.

Bill Esterson, MP for Sefton Central has encouraged the community to support the work of Imagine Formby.

He said: “The 8 Alleyways Project is a brilliant idea to regenerate our area on a local scale, and in doing so encourages residents to have pride in their community.

 “I encourage all of my constituents and members of the public to show their support, and to donate to the crowd funder where possible.”

The growing team of volunteers at Imagine Formby is dedicated and committed members of our community. If you can, we’d be delighted if you supported this first plan by following the link:

 8 Alleyways Project ( 

 8 Alleyways Project is raising funds via 8 Alleyways Project (  We are aiming for £11,060 to complete the project.

The culture of Imagine Formby CIC is one of constant public and business involvement.

We need residents’ support for everything we do. All successful town centre regeneration projects have this element in their plans.

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