Southport Skate Park

Guest Blog by Daisy Cunningham 

In Southport there are only so many things for teens to do after school or during weekends. 

To be honest, it can get very boring, so boring in fact that some teenagers spend their time hanging around fast food places like McDonald’s to stay warm in the winter, or walk around in town.

Some have been enticed into trying recreational drugs or underage drinking or vaping. 

We know there is our local Tenpin Bowling and arcade centres, plus our cinemas but not all of us have the cash to go. 

The skateboard park is not bad, as long as you can skate and the weather is dry.

Maybe it’s time to mix things up and start some new youth clubs which would include many activities. A place to look forward to going each week, that wouldn’t cost us teens the earth to go to. With the added bonus of it being a safe haven for them. These clubs could help a lot with mental wellbeing, an issue that seems to be on the rise, especially since the Cocvid-19 pandemic.

In Southport there are a lot of clubs in the community, but not many that seem to attract young people. Maybe some of these ideas could work?

Youth Clubs for 12 to 17 years olds

Opening Times:      

5pm to 8pm on weekdays

10am to 2pm and 5pm to 9pm on weekends

Activities could include:

  • Sports – table tennis, fitness, challenge and game for a laugh
  • Book Club – for all those book worms, sharing thoughts on the latest read
  • Pool Table – get in a team, banter with mates
  • Discos and DJ Skills – all this needs is music, mates and a massive tuck shop!
  • Games and Quizzes – board games, cards, dungeons and dragons, chess, play as a team, or a duo, encourages team building, mini tournaments, strategic moves with opponents    
  • Film Clubs – who doesn’t like the movies, drinks, snacks and mates                      

There are so many more Youth Club ideas that could be brought to life that would be appealing for us youths of today. 

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