Kate Hardcastle MBE pictured filming the Eat Shop Save ITV programme at MIH Bazaar in Southport. Photo by Danny Howard PR

An unusual Southport shop will come under the national spotlight after the production crew from a top TV show called in to film.

MIH Bazaar, situated in Cambridge Walks near Lord Street, is home to a team of people who love designing new household items and art from pre-loved objects.

They were joined by Kate Hardcastle MBE, known by many as ‘The Customer Whisperer’, and her crew from the hit ITV programme Eat Shop Save.

The programme is due to air on prime time screens in July.

MIH Bazaar – the MIH stands for ‘Make It Household’ – is an Aladdin’s cave of the weird and wonderful that prides itself on rescuing the unwanted.

Goods inside include a bottle from 1895,a vintage Silver King bicycle lamp from the 1920s and a World War One leather flying helmet.

Danny Howard (left) and John Savage (right) at MIH Bazaar in Southport.

Danny Howard (left) and John Savage (right) at MIH Bazaar in Southport.
Photo by Andrew Brown Media

All of these objects have been discovered and lovingly restored by John and Tania Savage and fellow upcyclers at the shop in Southport town centre.

The shop has raised hundreds of pounds for the Isle Rose Foundation, which supports a young girl with nonketotic hyperglycinemia (NKH), a rare, genetic disorder which leads to low muscle tone, lethargy, seizures, coma, and apnoea requiring ventilator support. Only 500 children worldwide suffer from the condition.

John Savage said: “It is really lovely hearing some of the comments we get, from people saying this is the best shop in Southport.

“It is like a little museum. People look round and they suddenly say ‘my Gran had that’! It is like a trip down memory lane.”

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The TV visit came about thanks to an introduction from Danny Howard, owner of Danny Howard PR.

Danny said: “When ITV contacted me and asked if I could help locate a shop to film an episode of Eat Shop Save I jumped at the chance to help and assist a local independent business! I had spoken to a couple of businesses in Southport and fed back options to ITV.

“John Savage from MIH Bazaar was very helpful and supportive and could see how filming in his business would help give him and Southport exposure.

“ITV came back to me and said they loved MIH Bazaar and could they film there all day so John obliged. John was very helpful and supportive in everything to make sure ITV had a great day filming.”

Among those working inside MIH Bazaar is Caron Wedlin.

She said: “The opportunity to branch out into another career came when I resigned from my position as a TA supporting visually impaired teenagers. My prolapsed disc was diagnosed in 2017.

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“I volunteered for BHF for just over 12 months. Then I was told about an NEA enterprise scheme through the Job Centre which contributed for six months financially to help become self employed. I started working on a recycling project at MIW where I was supported in starting up. “They liaised with my job coach and helped me to spread my wings. Then last summer, I was asked if I wanted to set up an area in the MIH Bazaar and increase my selling potential as the shop could house larger pieces of furniture that I upcycled.

“My main passion is to take unwanted items and revive them and give them new purpose for someone whose eye they catch.

“I also decoupage old glassware and make old jumpers into pet beds.

“I’m always looking for new ideas to recycle.

“I’ve become part of a genuine working family at the Bazaar.”


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