The former HMV store on Chapel Street in Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

Guest Blog by Stuart Leyland 

I am writing this because I have read with sadness, negative reaction to the imminent opening of another charity shop in Southport, the new Barnardo’s on Chapel Street.

We need to appreciate that charity shops are now an increasingly essential part of the high street as financial support shifts increasingly away from the welfare state to charity.

We should not look at them negatively, rather admire them for what they are; filled with volunteers giving their time for nothing; full of many substantial, good quality ware that has been generously donated for free. These shops are the epitome of good in today’s society.

We would not have had a new lifeboat station in Southport, had it not been for the Southport Lifeboat charity shop in Birkdale staffed by wonderful volunteers giving their time for nothing. Charity shops also provide much needed support to people who cannot afford the regular shop prices, which sadly is much increasing.

Rather than criticise them, to those doing the criticising; volunteer your time free for them and improve how they look if you think it can be made better. 

These shops could always do with more volunteers and your support would be very much appreciated.

I can also add that all charity shops add to an area in looks in comparison to the empty shop units. Just take a look at the empty units on Lord Street.

For Anyone who is interested in volunteering for the Four Seasons Charity Shop, please call into our shop on 187a Liverpool Road, Birkdale (in the old golf shop) and pick up an application form. We are a local charity supporting adults with learning difficulties and would greatly appreciate your support and custom.

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