Owner Angie Ingham (left), stylist Alex Graves (right) and Sparky the dog at MiSalon in Birkdale in Southport

A modern zen feel hair salon has opened its doors in Birkdale in Southport, with ample free parking outside. 

MiSalon, on Everton Road, is owned by Angie Ingham, who is delighted to open her first business. 

She is joined by fellow stylist Alex Graves – with the two of them supported by Angie’s very popular dog Sparky! 

Angie said: “I am delighted to now be open! I have taken over a former salon on the corner of Everton Road and Vaughan Road. 

“We have been open now for the past month, It has been brilliant! We have seen lots of clients from the previous salon, lots of neighbours, and we want to reach out to people further afield. 

“We offer unisex hair styling, colouring, perming, cut and blow dry, and more. Or why not add a bit of colour to your hair this summer with our Chroma ID colours available in bold or pastel shades, or with our new amazing express colour washes? All our hair colour services include a Schwarzkopf Hair Sealer treatment to lock in colour for longer and shinier results. 

We also offer chemical straightening. 

We have a Loyalty Reward Card which, after six visits, provides customers with £10 off their seventh service.

“We can also come out to local homes or workplaces to carry out mandatory skin tests in preparation for a colour. This only takes a second.

“Now I just want to be able to put MiSalon on the map! I want people to know that we are here for their hair appointments.” 

Angie, 44, is a classically trained hairdresser, while Alex, 24, has modern techniques. The two are a great combination who offer a wide range of styles between them. Sparky usually relaxes in the corner while the girls are hard at work. 

Angie, who is double Covid vaccinated, said: “We are both excellent stylists, we pride ourselves in listening to our clients’ hair needs and are happy to offer advice and help. We aren’t scissor happy! 

“We have redecorated the place since we reopened – it is looking really good! 

“We have got a fluorescent pink fireplace, which we call our ‘Instagram Wall’ – it is a good backdrop for photos for people when they have had their hair done! 

“We have got loads of free parking right outside the door which is really popular with customers.

“If anyone has ‘lockdown hair’ then please don’t be embarrassed, we have ALL been in the same boat! Let us help you to figure out what your new style may be.” 

Angie, who was born and bred in Southport, trained as a hairdresser and has been enjoying doing mobile hairdressing for the past few years, alongside another job. This is her first salon. 

She said: “MiSalon is my first business! I worked for the RSPB for nine years, in stock control. But then I was made redundant. I thought ‘what am I going to do’? 

“I was looking for a hair salon to work in when I found this place for sale. 

“It was a great opportunity to run my own business doing something that I love.” 


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