Pictured left to right, are Phil Arnold, Chair, Proper Good Social Investment (Manchester) and Anwar Ali (Oldham Proper Good Lead and Oldham Social Enterprise Business Ambassador).

A trip to an iconic site in Southport by The Upturn Enterprise in Manchester stoked up more than a few ideas on how working together benefits us all. 

Anwar Ali OBE visited The Engine Room on the week of its official opening, sampling the delights of a new creative and digital hub situated within the Wayfarers Shopping Arcade in Southport town centre. 

Wayfarers Shopping Arcade celebrated its 125th birthday last year but is at the forefront of innovation and new thinking in the seaside town. 

Anwar Ali OBE  said: “When people collaborate, it sparks innovation. It also allows others to provide suggestions for improvement, which helps refine business concepts and strategies, leading to more effective social impact.” 

He continued: “Sharing ideas exposes individuals to a wider network of like-minded individuals, potential partners, investors and mentors, who can offer support, resources, and expertise to further develop and scale social businesses. 

“That means more communities can benefit from innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges, resulting in a greater impact.” 

He concluded: “Sharing success stories can inspire and motivate others to pursue their own social business ventures, creating a ripple effect of positive change and innovation in addressing societal issues.

“This was a great opportunity to share learning between our great city regions.”



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