Silcock’s in Southport has unveiled a stylish collection of souvenirs

Silcock’s in Southport has unveiled a stylish collection of souvenirs celebrating the popular seaside resort. 

The iconic family-run amusement business firm has been entertaining generations of visitors since the 1880s. 

Today its popular attractions include the magnificent 19th Century Carousel on the Promenade; Silcock’s Funland and Silcock’s Pier Family Restaurant, at the entrance to Southport Pier; plus a number of amusement arcades and fish and chip restaurants along Nevill Street.

The family has now commissioned an independent designer to create a stunning art deco style image of the Southport Pier area, showing the resort at its very best. 

In the foreground is the legendary Herbert Silcock’s ‘Golden Gallopers’ Carousel, leading down to Southport Pier, and onto Southport Beach. 

Also featured is Silcock’s Funland and Silcock’s Pier Family Restaurant, the Marine Lake, Ocean Plaza, the Pier Forecourt, the Marine Lake Cafe and the Marine Way Bridge.

The design is available in a range of souvenirs including postcards, tea towels, fridge magnets, tote bags, key rings, mugs, aprons and canvas prints. 

People can either win the goods as prizes in Funland or can buy them via the Pier Family Restaurant. 

Silcock’s Operations Manager Serena Silcock-Prince said: “Customers have been asking us where they can buy good souvenirs of Southport for years. 

“Day trippers and holidaymakers have been coming to us and asking – but also local people, wanting to send memories of Southport to their friends and family. 

“It is something we have been planning to do for a long time. 

“We looked hard and managed to find a really good design team which managed to create something different, which is just what we wanted. 

“The final design is quite classy, and it has an art deco theme. 

“It took us a while to get it right! But we just love the style of it. We love the blue skies, the blue of the sea and the Marine Lake, and the colours. The tide is in as well! 

“Everyone when they see it is quite impressed. Our prices are quite competitive as well, with just 69p for a postcard, £6.99 for a tea towel etc. 

“We are also keeping our prices low in the £1 snack bar inside Funland.

“The prices there have remained low, with £1 offering families good, quickly cooked and reasonably priced snacks on days out during these difficult times with rising bills. 

“We want to offer fun days out for all the family whatever your price point no one should miss out on any fun.” 

Silcock’s in Southport has unveiled a stylish collection of souvenirs, to the delighted of Alvin, the Silcock's mascot

Silcock’s in Southport has unveiled a stylish collection of souvenirs, to the delighted of Alvin, the Silcock’s mascot

The souvenirs are already proving popular, and the products available may change depending on what people want.  

Serena said: “We have a range of souvenirs available for people to buy but we will see how it goes, we may expand it. 

“We would also love to ask local people – what souvenirs would you like to see us produce? 

“One of our employees, who is Latvian, loves them, she has just sent a load home to her family. 

“Last week we presented a canvas print of the design to Southport MP Damien Moore, just before he went on to do his weekly MP’s surgery in The Atkinson. He was very complimentary about it. 

“We hope people enjoy taking a little piece of Southport home with them this summer.”

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