Ease the Feet / Free From Pain is a clinic based in Ainsdale in Southport

By George Ampat FRCS (Tr & Orth)

Do you suffer with pain? Do you have a fear of falling?

Ease The Feet / Free From Pain is a clinic based in Ainsdale in Southport.

As part of our activities we are conducting a research study which involves the use of orthotics (insoles) in Seniors. 

Orthotics have previously been used in the treatment of pain in the feet, knees and hips, and have also been used in relation to improve balance. However clear evidence is lacking and we are hoping to find if that is the case and to measure the decrease of pain and improvement of balance.We will be using two different types of orthotics.

Foot and back pain is a major issue within a senior, community setting. 

Foot pain has been reported in about 24% of seniors and the lifetime prevalence of back pain is nearly 80%. 

Furthermore, 20% of seniors describe foot pain as a reason for not wanting to leave the house. Falls are also a significant problem linked with ageing. During an observational study, one third of adults over 65 suffer with a fall every year, and this rate increases with age. 

Falls lead to some significant injuries and a fear of falling may lead someone to be afraid to move and not leave the house. 

Injuries following falls can be quite significant, with 10% of these resulting in a fracture. 

When being in pain or a fear of falling prevents movement, it leads to a vicious cycle. Pain leads to failure to move, which leads to weak muscles which means less support for the bone which then leads to more pain and the cycle begins again. 

Improving the strength of the muscles, results in more support for the bones and therefore less pain.

This study would involve a 15 minute in-person consultation with our lead investigator Dr. Ampat. During this consultation, if you are deemed a suitable participant then you will undergo a foot scan both whilst standing still and whilst doing a short walk. 

To be included in the research

  1. You need to be a senior
  2. You have pain in the feet
  3. You have fear of falling
  4. You live in the community and can follow advice

A questionnaire needs to be filled in at the beginning of the study and at the end of a 6 week period. This questionnaire will involve questions relating to pain you are experiencing and whether you have a fear of falling during different activities. 

Following this, you will be provided with one of the two designs of orthotics. This orthotic will be given to you free of charge and will be yours to keep. We advise that the orthotic is worn as much as possible within your everyday life.

The participants eligible for this study must be seniors, live in a community based setting, capable of walking around, and have some form of self-identified foot pain.

However, if you have compromised skin integrity of the lower limbs, lack of sensation of the feet, a history of foot surgery or inability to follow instructions and procedures then you would not be suitable to be included in our study.

The questionnaires that we provide for the study are designed to be easy and straightforward. The first questionnaire will be filled out during the consultation. The second questionnaire will be sent to you via post with a pre-stamped and addressed envelope for the answers to be returned to us. We aim to make your participation as convenient and easy as possible, and without any personal cost.  


  • If you are interested in out study or would like some further information than please contact us on 01704 579 337, email us at research@ampat.co.uk, or visit us at 681 Liverpool Road, on the corner of Orchard Lane, Ainsdale, Southport, PR8 3NS


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