Wallpaper Supplies on Lord Street in Southport in the 1970s. Photo by Denise Houghton

Do you remember the shops you used to be able to call into along Lord Street in Southport during the 1970s? 

This superb picture of Wallpaper Supplies on Lord Street was kindly sent in by Stand Up For Southport member Denise Houghton. 

The building is currently empty, but was most recently occupied by Pizza Express. 

During lockdown and the Covid pandemic, we are appealing to people to share your pictures and memories with us of life in Southport from years gone by. 

Denise said: “This photo shows the shop at the end of Lord Street, near Southport Fire Station. “My mum worked there in the 70s and I had a Saturday job there.

“My mum was the Manageress at Wallpaper Supplies and I had a Saturday job there. 

“I seem to remember my wages were £1.50 for the day (just post decimalisation) but to a teenager, it was a lot then.

“There was a“wine merchant shop next door – Jean Alexander who played Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street used them – and one of the delivery drivers kindly got me her autograph. I think it was owned by Dowards but it wasn’t called that. 

“A few doors down was a bakery called Moretti’s, their pies were delicious.

“On the same block was a shoe shop called, if I remember correctly, Toners.

“Nearer to Lord Street North Post Office was a children’s wear shop – Kipswear.”

Do you have any memories or pictures of Southport in years gone by that you’d love to share with Stand Up For Southport? Please message Andrew Brown via Facebook here or email me at: mediaandrewbrown@gmail.com


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