Paul Newnham has donated £10,000 to Southport FC to help the club during the Coronavirus outbreak. He is pictured with manager Liam Watson

Southport FC is extremely grateful to one of its biggest supporters, Paul Newnham, who reached out to the club with an incredible show of generosity.

Paul has very kindly offered to donate £10,000 to help the club through the next two months of uncertainty.

Paul’s support for the club over the years has been invaluable through his local business, Pinetree Garden Maintenance, and the club cannot thank him enough for this wonderful gesture.

The Covid-19 pandemic is already having a very serious effect on people and communities throughout the country and as a business Southport Football Club are no different.

A spokesman said: “Although the pyramid of English football has set a date of April 4 to return to action, it remains doubtful that competition will resume immediately after this date.
“Like many clubs across the country, we live a hand-to-mouth existence with our main cashflow from home gate receipts being our main source income.

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“This is supplemented by income from events and midweek bar facilities, both of which are being severely impacted. With this in mind, we would encourage our fans and supporters to continue to support the club where necessary.”

Club Secretary James Tedford said: “These are unprecedented times for our club and there is no getting away that this may signal the end of many clubs across the pyramid.

“I am grateful for the endeavours of many at the club over the last 12 months to make the necessary cutbacks, without which this current pandemic could have brought an untimely end to our 139 history.

“We would like to thank Paul for his wonderful backing and all the other local businesses for their continued support.

“Above all, we wish every supporter and all connected with the club the best of health during this difficult time.”


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