A Covid-19 / coronavirus safety sign on Eastbank Street in Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

Hospitality businesses in Southport are being urged to keep the noise down as they entertain customers. 

Sefton Council has issued advice to restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes in the town ahead of what is expected to be a busy Bank Holiday weekend. 

Since 12th April, venues in England have been able to host guests in outdoor facilities such as beer gardens or outdoor seating areas. 

But whether they are providing background music, live entertainment or screening football matches, local businesses are being asked to ensure that any noise is kept low in order to reduce any possibility of transmission of Covid-19. 

Sefton Council Environmental Health & Licensing Manager Terry Wood said: “Any music or noise from a TV etc must be incidental i.e. low level in the background which still allows a normal conversation to be held by patrons without the need to raise their voices. 

“At the moment any ‘entertainment’ is not allowed to be an attraction for customers which means loud music, be it live or pre-recorded, is completely at odds with the current guidance. 

“The reason for this restriction is that the risk of transmission of the virus is elevated when people have to raise their voices or shout because the aerosol generation is increased. 

“I appreciate what a difficult time it has been for businesses in the last 12 months, particularly the hospitality sector but hopefully if all will goes well during this stage a further easing of restrictions will come on 17th May when we enter Step 3 of the Government’s Road Map so it is not too long now for the businesses to maintain their patience and discipline.”

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