Sidney Road Lights in Southport

Fletchers Solicitors has kindly agreed to sponsor the spectacular Sidney Road Christmas Lights display in Southport. 

The legal firm is based on Hoghton Street in Southport and has additional offices in Manchester.

The popular Sidney Road Lights attraction provides computerised Christmas lights synchronised to music. 

Visitors can even enjoy free hot drinks, sweets and children’s gifts, with any donations received given to the Freshfields Animal Rescue charity. 

The incredible attraction on Sidney Road in Southport was created by talented engineer Steve Henshall. 

During the festive season the sequenced lights displays, timed to a variety of music, run every half hour between 4.30pm and 9pm. 

Steve said: “We are delighted to announce that Fletchers Solicitors has kindly agreed to sponsor our Christmas Lights for 2021!

“Their generous sponsorship means we can confidently plan for the Christmas shows with all the freebies, sweets and hot chocolate we need.

“The show has grown over the years to be a part of so many families’ Christmas celebrations.

“It’s fantastic that a prominent local company that is such a big part of Southport’s economy has agreed to join us.”

Alex Hatchman, CEO of Fletchers Solicitors said: “Fletchers Solicitors is delighted to be supporting this year’s Sidney Road Christmas Lights!

“The lights have become a firm date in the calendar for Southport residents over the last few years and they bring joy to so many.

“We particularly love the community aspect of it, which is so important at this time.

“As well as making people smile, it also raises hundreds of pounds for Freshfields Animal Rescue so we are proud to be this year’s sponsor.”

After raising hundreds of pounds already for Freshfields Animal Rescue, Steve Henshall has set a new target for the Sidney Road Christmas Lights this year. 

He said: “We are continuing our unbroken fundraising for Freshfields Animal Rescue.

“Last time we raised £1,600, no prizes for guessing that our target for 2021 is £2,000 although it’s a large sum it will only keep the charity running for one day.

“This year we have run a few smaller light shows for such things as Census 2021, Mother’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and even Pancake Day!

“In the workshop new props have been made already for Christmas, more power has been laid on and we’ve even acquired an autofeed hot water boiler to speed up the delivery of hot chocolate – it really is an all year round hobby!

“Please head over to our Sidney Road Lights Facebook page and click on the ‘thumbs up’ like button to keep up to date with developments during the year and for the Halloween shows too.”

The idea for the Sidney Road Lights began 20 years ago, and the displays have been getting bigger and better ever since. 

Thousands of families have had huge enjoyment from Steve’s incredible community spirit over the years. 

He said: “Back in 2001 when we moved to Southport we put up a few festoons of coloured lights for Christmas.

“These were the size of household bulbs in many different colours – they could have been taken from Blackpool!

“We were one of the first in Southport to take Christmas lighting seriously.

“In the intervening years we have put up the odd string of lights and then we made a tree from just a couple of strings of LED lights from The Range, it was incredible how many comments we got from such a simple thing.

“Spurred on by this we researched LED smart pixels which are small lights containing red, green and blue LEDs in the one ‘bulb’. Each colour of LED in each pixel can be controlled by a bespoke controller and computer program. The challenge was on! After months and months of work the 2016 display was revealed and drew crowds of spectators even better we raised over £200 for Freshfields.

“Our 2019 show was spectacular! We increased to over 23,000 lights, raised almost £1,600 for Freshfields Animal Rescue and had even more visitors.

“We even had Paul Crone and Kerrie Gosney from Granada Reports hosting a live outside broadcast from the show.

“The design team (Jaffa the cat and I) were working long hours and spending all our money ready for the 2020 show which was sadly cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Moving on….2021 is all set with two nights of Halloween and a brand new Christmas show. In the meantime we’ll be running a few little shows during the course of the year as and when.

Stay tuned!”

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