Judith Royden. Image by Brian Lloyd Duckett Commercial Photographer

A new business venture has been launched as a unique way of linking firms with quality service providers. 

Rosebank Referrals is a Complimentary Concierge Introduction Company which has been set up by respected local business owner Judith Royden. 

Judith has built up a huge wealth of knowledge and connections after four decades working at a high level in the banking industry. 

She knows how long it takes to find the right businesses to work with – and the high potential costs of getting those decisions wrong. 

Judith said: “With Rosebank Referrals, clients can just cut out all the unprofessional or untrustworthy companies and prevent all that wasted time spent researching everything by just coming straight to me. 

“According to a client I saw recently I am now their ‘new Google search engine’.  

“Rest assured, I won’t recommend anyone who I wouldn’t refer to my own family and friends. 

“As someone who worked at NatWest Premier banking for 40 years, I can assure clients that I have undertaken all the due diligence on their behalf.” 

Below are some of the sorts of businesses and services that Judith can refer clients to at no cost to themselves. She receives her commission directly from the company, but you pay nothing extra for the introduction so there is nothing to lose for the client.

Product suite: 

Mortgages – Any type including buy to lets. This mortgage broker will look at the whole of the market, is excellent at always finding you the best deal and its customer service is fantastic. 

Accountant – A trustworthy and reputable accountant looking to save you money. 

Business Insurance – Nothing to lose to obtain a free quote and discover how much you can save whilst also ensuring you have the best cover in place. 

Financial Advice – Investment, protection and care home planning. Also, an expert in pensions including DB transfers. Arrange a free chat to discover how it can assist. 

Lending – Judith said: “I am also delighted to announce that I have been appointed as a business introducer for one of the UK’s leading specialist lenders who have been established for over 50 years. This company can look at loans, commercial and personal mortgages and all types of finance. This company specialises in providing secured lending to underserved customers across the UK with a common sense approach to lending decisions. If clients have issues with their credit ratings they can still look to assist.” 

Private face to face GP service – A doctor will come out to visit you the same day either at home or your place of work. This is a great service to take out for employees to support them or personally for your family. It can arrange prescriptions and extra services and will send the report to your GP to go on your NHS file if requested. 

Healthcare Broker – This broker will look at setting up a new healthcare provider or look at any existing provider you have in place already for your staff and work to get you a less expensive deal with either the same or a new provider at no cost to yourself for the service. 

Payment terminals – up to 80% faster and free 3-month trial. Great for small business owners.  

Business Coach and a Business Consultant  – Help to grow your company’s profits and arrange a no obligation chat to discover what this Coach can do to obtain dramatically increased growth and profitability in your business. 

Solar Company – Any business owners looking into the possibility of installing Solar Power into their business especially in the current climate. Judith has a great company to get quotes from and explain more. 

Judith Royden. Image by Brian Lloyd Duckett Commercial Photographer

Judith Royden. Image by Brian Lloyd Duckett Commercial Photographer

Judith said: “This list isn’t exhaustive. I know so many people across the professional services industry that it’s always worth asking me first if you need to find a reliable and trustworthy company of any sort .

“Your location isn’t an issue as most can deal with clients countrywide.”

Judith has a wealth of experience with the business world through her years working within the banking industry. 

She said: “I started work at Natwest in North Wales when I was 16. 

“I moved over from retail banking to Southport Premier Banking and looked after a portfolio of about 1,500 clients in Southport and all across the North West over a 17-year period. I relished providing a personal service and going that extra mile always looking after my clients’ best interests, sometimes two or three generations of the same family. 

“Always being honest and trustworthy and providing a listening ear at clients’ times of need was of paramount importance especially when the Covid pandemic and lockdowns happened.  

“My new business Rosebank Referrals will enable me to utilise all those years of experience in looking after clients and providing a business introduction Concierge Service.”

For more details, please email Judith Royden at Rosebank Referrals: Judithroyden@gmail.com or call her on: 07713299925 or contact her via her LinkedIn page here.


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