Sefton Council Chief Executive Dwayne Johnson

At a time when many people are facing huge changes in their lives, would you consider becoming a foster parent? 

Sefton Council Chief Executive Dwayne Johnson, whose own mother was fostered, is urging people to consider a carting role which he says is “varied and challenging”, while also being “very rewarding and satisfying”.

Speaking as Fostering Fortnight draws to a close, he said: “We are all facing unprecedented and enforced changes to our work and personal lives and some people may have seen their experiences change as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown.

“It is a period where some people are choosing to or having to evaluate their lives and think about changes for the future.

“I hope that anyone who has thought about becoming a foster carer might use this opportunity to follow it up and see whether providing this vital support for young people is for them.

“I know it’s a varied and challenging role which is also very rewarding and satisfying. From personal experience, I have seen the huge positive effect it has had on my mother’s life.”

As well as a child’s day-to-day care, being a foster carer involves providing support and guidance about education, health and social well-being matters that will affect the rest of that young person’s life. Training and support is provided for the role, which also means attending some meetings and managing confidential and sensitive information.

For a child or young person, being moved from their home for different complex reasons, can be distressing and difficult to understand. They can experience loss and anxiety when separated from their birth family and need love, patience, support and understanding to cope.

Johnson adds:

“The Coronavirus lockdown period has been difficult for those of us who have our partners, children, mums and dads, brothers and sisters around us but for those young people who for whatever reason haven’t had any family they can connect with, it will have been a particularly trying time.

“We really need new people to support those children and families.”

To find out more about becoming a foster parent in Sefton, people can visit

Or they can speak to one of the team by calling freephone 0800 923 2777.

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