A Murder (Mystery) Experience At The Market takes place at Southport Market by Gambolling Arena Theatre Company

There’s been a murder at Southport Market! But can you work out who did it…? 

People are invited to an exciting, immersive Murder (Mystery) Experience At The Market night on Friday, 24th March 2023. 

The unique event is being staged by performers from the acclaimed local Gambolling Arena Theatre Company. 

They will take guests back to the murky world of 1960s London with music, costumes and the atmosphere from the era to match. 

Gambolling Arena founder Suzy Walker said: “We are back with another Murder Mystery this March at Southport Market. So, why not join us for a night out with a twist! 

“Set in the 1960’s Reggie’s Revue Bar in the dark streets of Soho London, Rita the nightclub singer is shot. But how? And why? 

“Do the owners, high ranking gangsters, Reg and Betty Kemp have anything to do with it? Can the sultry detective Dean get to the bottom of the mystery? 

“This is going to be a night of fun, intrigue and prizes to uncover lies ahead along with a curious murder mystery story. 

“The audience won’t be able to leave the space until the mystery is solved! 

“This will be a really, really different murder mystery experience for people. 

“We have done a couple like this in Liverpool and they have been very popular. 

“This is a really immersive murder mystery experience which will leave people feeling as though they are in a 1960s London nightclub with the characters, the music, the vibes, and the real sense of being there in the middle of everything happening. 

“It is going to be a good, fun night!” 

Doors open at 6pm, the mystery will begin at 7pm. Ending 11pm.

*.Tickets cost £11 per person. To book please visit: southportmarket.com 

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