The Big Wheel Southport at Southport Pleasureland. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

Planning permission has been granted to relocate the 32.5m Big Wheel Southport from within Southport Pleasureland to a new location next to the Marine Lake in Southport. 

Agreement has also been made for the construction of a new bistro next to the observation wheel which would boast  ‘panoramic views across Marine Lake’. 

It would also create a new tunnel for the miniature train to pass through. 

The new location would be on the grass verge south of the stellarium on Princes Park . 

The project is to relocate the existing observation wheel attraction located 180m south-west of the proposed site and to add a small bistro / café spanning the historic Southport Pleasurerland Miniature Railway. 

The railway opened in 1911 and is oldest continuously running 15 inch gauge railway in the world. 

An application prepared for Supreme Attractions Ltd Prepared by RAL Chartered Architects said: “The wheel is to be located on the site of a former public convenience, the building was derelict and a blight to both the lakeside environment, and Princes Park. This building has now been demolished.

“The wheel will be located alongside the existing path to the south east of Princes Park over the existing grass. This is an indistinct piece of land at the edge of Princes Park and raised above the miniature railway and Marine Lake edge path to the east.  

Pleasureland Miniature Railway in Southport

Pleasureland Miniature Railway in Southport

“The wheel base sits on the ground without the need for excavation. The base will be extended to oversail the miniature railway to provide a platform for a small bistro/ café and create a tunnel for the train to pass through. 

“The bistro will have panoramic views across Marine Lake. 

“The location of the wheel will provide spectacular views through 360º, to the beach to the west, with distant views of Blackpool to the North and the Wirral Peninsula to the South. and over the lake and Southport to the east. 

“The wheel will be operated by Southport Pleasureland and the allowable opening times will be the same as those of the main Pleasureland Park. 

The Big Wheel Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

The Big Wheel Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

“The wheel is 32.5m in diameter with a central pivot and spokes. Long views to the coast from the Promenade and buildings on the Promenade will not be interrupted by the proposed attraction given the open cell nature of the attraction.

“Whilst the scale is significant the nature of this proposal is well established in the resort town of Southport. It is clear that this attraction is entirely consistent with the historic context in this location.” 

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