Southport Artists For Ukraine are holding a fundraising art sale, art exhibition and community event at Southport Market from 7th April to 10th April 2022. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

Over the last eight months, more than 120 Sefton households have provided safe places to live for Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s invasion of their country.

Approaching 250 children and adults have come to the borough through the Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme, which has been supported by Sefton Council.

Recognising the impact that the national cost of living crisis will have on those households hosting Ukrainian guests, the Council has now written to tell them they will be receiving monthly top-up payments over the winter.

For the period from December, host households who are participating in the Homes for Ukraine scheme will receive a top up to the ‘thank you’ payments starting from £75 per month. Payments will depend on the number of Ukrainian guests being hosted ranging from £75 for households with one guest to £200 for those with six.

Cllr Trish Hardy, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing, said:

“We appreciate that as a result of their generosity and kindness in hosting Ukrainian refugees, many Sefton Sponsors will be facing significant financial challenges over the forthcoming winter.

“In recognition of these challenges, which will have been worsened by the national cost of living crisis, we are making these top-up payments to help them out.”

Payments will made retrospectively, so hosts will see them in their bank accounts from December to April.

Cllr Hardy said:

“Like many councils across the country, we have agreed these monthly payments, to those people across our Borough who are providing people with a safe haven from Vladimir Putin’s unwarranted and illegal war.

“We understand the generosity of those people could be stretched in the face of spiralling fuel bills, rocketing interest rates and soaring prices in the shops, and we wanted to do what we can to help and to prevent Ukrainians facing the prospect of homelessness.”

Sefton Council is providing the additional payment as follows:

Number of Guests         Rate

1                          £ 75

2                          £100

3                          £125

4                          £150

5                          £175

6                          £200

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