David Orritt

A quizmaster from Southport who kept people entertained online during the Covid pandemic has been invited to a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. 

Primary school teacher David Orritt, who runs the Quizinators online quizzes, will attend on Tuesday, 9th May 2023. 

David, otherwise known as Quizinator Dave, is also a popular figure through his weekly quizzes at the Cock and Bottle pub in Tarleton. 

The invitation has been extended by the Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside. 

David began staging his online quizzes, balancing his laptop on his ironing board at home, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck in March 2020 and everyone in the UK was suddenly plunged into lockdown. 

With people suddenly isolated, afraid and locked away – especially those elderly and those living on their own – he started hosting his free online quizzes three times a week as a way of tackling isolation and building a sense of community and a sense of fun. 

Since that day he has hosted 330 Quizinators online quizzes across three years, writing and asking an astonishing 20,000 questions. 

What started out as a small venture soon became a vital fixture in people’s lives and a popular pastime for people from across the UK. 

David said: “I was very surprised to say the least when the invitation arrived! It’s a real honour. 

“It turns out a number of quiz players sent in requests for the honour without my knowledge and I’ve recently just accepted.

“I started the online quizzes for free on Facebook and YouTube in March 2020 and shared them online through the Stand Up For Southport Facebook group and elsewhere.

“They were initially intended as a form of support for people stuck in their homes during lockdown. 

“The popularity of them grew so quickly there were soon over 1,000 people playing each one.

“As I wasn’t working as a teacher at the time it quickly became a full time occupation, delivering three quizzes a week. We have now delivered almost 350 quizzes and although life has returned to normal with me teaching in a local primary school in Southport I still undertake the odd one. 

“The support from people has been unbelievable with a real family feel with people joining in the chat, in fact many people from all across the country are still in touch. 

“I can’t thank people enough for their encouragement and kind heartedness during such a difficult time for many and I will always be very grateful to Ami Dollery for her monumental support throughout. Also, special thanks to Debbie Wycherley, Martin Ayres and of course the ever present Lee Taylor for his contributions in the chat.

“Lockdown seems crazy when you imagine it now. You can’t think back to those times! You have to almost mentally delete a year in your head. They were tough times for everyone, I am happy I was able to help people. 

“I am really looking forward to the Royal Garden Party.” 


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