Members of the Beer Connoisseurs group enjoy a night out at the Tap & Bottles pub in Southport

A group of friends love Southport’s pubs and bars so much they have started their own Facebook group about them – and are urging more people to give our town’s hostelries a try.

The Beer Connoisseurs was launched by Cori Rimmer and Sam Corkish, and the group has already attracted dozens of members.

They have visited pubs including Tap & Bottles in Cambridge Arcade; The Beer Den on Duke Street; and The Masons Arms on Anchor Street.

Their first night out for the group was to the award-winning Tap & Bottles, and they are inviting people to join them either through their Beer Connoisseur Facebook group, or follow them on Instagram or YouTube.

They will be holding a monthly meet-up, going to local pubs and bars and thereby supporting some of our town’s local independent businesses.

Cori Rimmer (left) and Sam Corkish from the Beer Connoisseurs group in Southport

Cori Rimmer (left) and Sam Corkish from the Beer Connoisseurs group in Southport

Cori said: “I am looking to promote Southport in my own little way by going to different pubs and bars around Southport.

“I have also posted into the Stand Up For Southport Facebook group for pubs including the for the Mason Arms, which had some good reviews.

“It was nice to see that quite few people then went into the Masons Arms based on that post.

“I am looking to start a Beer Connoisseurs YouTube channel about what I am doing and see if it goes well. I will be promoting it on the page for people to see, reviews of the building, the way it is laid out, rating the different beers, getting interviews with landlords and landladies and making people see that Southport isn’t that bad and that it does have real potential.”

The group’s first monthly meet-up at Tap & Bottles was a great success, and saw them helping to raise money for the Southport Baby Bank charity.

Cori Rimmer from the Beer Connoisseurs group at The Masons Arms pub in Southport

Cori Rimmer from the Beer Connoisseurs group at The Masons Arms pub in Southport

Cori said: “We went to the Tap & Bottles down Cambridge Arcade. Being a great independent business, it made sense to go there for our first night out. It is a great place to meet new people who enjoy a good beer.

“We enjoyed trying the line-up of beers, played a few games, sat, relaxed and engaged with people having a great time. We had more people than expected come along, which was great.

“The idea behind the group is to get people engaging with Southport, helping to support local independent businesses.

“We also want to get people out to show them that Southport is a great place and to help them to meet new people, sharing conversations and stories.

“Hopefully in time people will notice my face and recognise the shirt and join me for a drink and help save the little places, and show visitors to Southport they can have a good time no matter where they go.”

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