'A Little Light At Christmas' by R.J. Furness and Kathryn Short is available on Kindle, paperback, Audible and iTunes. Youngsters can listen along too - with the song 'A Little Light At Christmas’,written and performed by local singer / songwriter Meg Broadhurst

Children will love a book specially written for Christmas, which has been created by a Southport author. 

 ‘A Little Light At Christmas’ by R.J. Furness and Kathryn Short is available on Kindle, paperback, Audible and iTunes.  The paperback is available to order online at all great bookstores. 

Youngsters can listen along too – with the song ‘A Little Light At Christmas’, based on the book, released on most major music streaming platforms today! (Friday, 5th November).

The song is written and performed by local singer/songwriter Meg Broadhurst.

Author R.J. Furness said: “The story of ‘A Little Light At Christmas’ is really important to me, because it has a lasting message about making sure all of our loved ones know how special they are.

“Both the book and the song have been developed over the last year, as the message is something that is important to all the people who have contributed to developing this project.

“Loneliness is experienced by far too many people, and in some cases this has been worsened by the recent pandemic.

“We believe that it is possible to make a huge difference to someone’s life, simply by making sure you tell them how important they are to you – and why.

“Far too often, when people experience loneliness, they can feel as though nobody cares, and self-worth hits an all time low. Together, we can work to change this by specifically telling someone how special they are.

“By telling this story through a children’s book, and song, we hope to pass this important message to young families in a subtle way.

“It’s important that we encourage children at a young age to express their feelings and that we help them feel comfortable doing so.

“ Looking after and helping each other is one important way we can protect our own mental health and that of our friends and family. 

“’A Little Light At Christmas’ shows us at least one way we can achieve that.

“The book is a magical Christmas adventure, and the message is carried through that in a positive way.” 

‘A Little Light At Christmas’ (the song) is available now on all great streaming platforms. 

R.J. Furness said: “The song is just beautiful and I know you’ll love it, too.  I am so proud to have worked with the unbelievably talented Meg Broadhurst Music on this project.”

Download or stream wherever you get your music. 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/087AnNJBLsHwT55mWESYbP…

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R.J. Furness was born and raised in Stockport, but he now lives in Southport with his wife and three children.

He has been publishing books for children and teenagers for the last four years, including several picture books.  One of his titles, ‘The Pomdig’ recently won a Bronze Medal in the Readers’ Choice Book Awards 2021, and his last title ‘A Little Miracle’ has consistently charted well on Amazon.  ‘A Little Miracle’ has been extremely popular with young children and families, and is his bestselling book to date.

For more details about the workls of R.J. Furness, please visit his Facebook page @furnesswrites or visit his website: www.rjfurness.com.

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