RAF Red Arrows flypast Southport at Southport Air Show

Southport Air Show 2024 will see several measures put into place to improve the experience for visitors this year. 

The popular two-day event will take place on Saturday, 13th July 2024 and Sunday, 14th July 2024 with aircraft including The Red Arrows, Typhoon, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and Tutor all flying on both days.

After some visitors last year raised concerns about issues such as lengthy queues and difficulty with car parking, Sefton Council’s Tourism team say they have “listened to feedback and taken action” in a number of areas. 

A new traffic management company has been brought in; an additional car park is being created for the event; there will be more staff manning the entrances; and flying times will be changed. 

A Sefton Council spokesperson said: “Last year didn’t go to plan. We sincerely apologise for some of the problems that occurred during the 2023 Air Show. We acknowledge that there were some logistical issues that impacted the event. We understand the disappointment experienced by some attendees.

“We listened to your feedback and we have taken action. The logistics for Southport Air Show have been improved for this year, with changes to traffic management and entry into the event.

The changes for 2024 

“We are confident that the following changes will help this year’s event run more smoothly.


“A new Traffic Management company is in place and they have established improvements to the traffic flow into the car parks. 

“An additional car park will accommodate the parking spaces that have been lost from closing the beach parking. 

“There will also be better signage and increased staff numbers to manage the traffic.


“There will be increased staff running the entrances and we have introduced queuing systems. The layouts have been changed to ensure a smooth and efficient entry.

Flying Displays
“Last year, the Scottish Air Show took place on the same weekend and some of the flying displays were shared between the two events. This included the Red Arrows. 

“This year, we have more control over the display timings. The Red Arrows are appearing on both days, and the display timings will be more suitable in order to give visitors time to arrive. To add to the exhilaration, they will be flying even closer to the crowds this year.

Event Programme

“We will announce the full programme for Southport Air Show 2024 over the coming weeks. The Red Arrows, Typhoon, Battle of Britain, and Tutor will all be flying on both days. 

“Keep your eyes out for future announcements on our website and social media channels.”

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