OmNom Zero Waste on Wesley Street in Southport

An independent business owner in Southport has thanked everyone for their support during a challenging year on the high street. 

Victoria Hughes owns OmNom Zero Waste on Wesley Street in Southport town centre, the town’s first organic whole foods, organic fruit and veg and zero waste shop.

Like many business owners, she was enthusiastically looking forward to the period after the lockdowns of the Covid pandemic as one of resurgence. 

Instead she has had to cope with issues such as the cost of living crisis, rising energy bills and inflation. 

OmNom Zero Waste is an award-winning local business that was recognised as a Finalist in the Reshaping Business category in Southport BID’s 2022 Your Southport Stars Awards which were held at Bliss Hotel in April last year.

Victoria Hughes said: “I don’t think the words exist to properly describe what this year has been like for us all. 

“I was hoping it would be the year we recovered from 2020/21 and I finally got a chance to crack on and put into action all the wonderful ideas and plans I have for OmNom, but on many levels it became the year of survival instead.

“As the cost of living and the cost of running a business began to squeeze the life out of businesses small and large alike, the odds of getting to this point did not appear in our favour.

“This year, or maybe the last three), has felt like one big game of snakes and ladders. It has been relentless, but today I found myself climbing the last ladder to the end square on the board and as I looked back on the year I realised those ladders aren’t ladders, they’re you.

OmNom Zero Waste on Wesley Street in Southport town centre

OmNom Zero Waste on Wesley Street in Southport town centre

“So to every single person who has shopped with us this year whether it’s weekly, fortnightly, monthly or you swing by whenever you’re in Southport. 

“To our friends in other businesses who signpost people our way. The people who like and share our posts and stories on social media or mention us so that we are visible without having to pay for it. The people who take the time to write reviews. All our suppliers for their amazing dedication, understanding and support. The team at Your Southport and of course our neighbours on this lovely little street we call home.

“Thank you for lifting me up this year and protecting OmNom from the giant snakes. 

“With sincere gratitude I wish you all a very very happy new year.”

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