Health & Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer Gill Lindsay

People are being encouraged to make a New Year’s Resolution to start thinking about improving their health and their wellbeing.

The good news is that it’s more than just watching the scales that matters.

Health & Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer Gill Lindsay worked for the NHS for many years and struggled with her weight herself.

Now she is offering expert advice and support to help people to improve their health in a holistic way, saying that crash diets or occasional fitness workouts are not the answer on their own.

During the Covid pandemic she has taken her health and wellness club online through her Gill’s Nutrition & Fitness website. It enables people to access support and advice on meal plans, healthy snacks, nutritional education and live workouts, enabling them to make long lasting lifestyle changes within a supportive community.

Gill said: “I am here to offer people support and encouragement to make changes to a healthier active lifestyle

“The Summer lockdown was easier for some out there in a lot of ways.

“Now people are realising that maybe they can’t just sit at home and eat and be merry!”

Many of us have piled on the pounds during the pandemic and the various stages of lockdown.

Gill said: “It is a known fact, that being over weight or obese plays a factor with a lot of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes and cancer.

“Often it is too easy to go to the doctor and get a tablet. But sometimes when people do that it is like sticking a plaster over a gaping wound.

“The impact of being overweight and poor health on diabetes for example is quite bad, which in severe cases can lead to blindness or amputations.

“Helping more people to become healthier is what will ultimately help the NHS and free up beds.”

Mum-of-two Gill spent many years working in the NHS, with a senior role in the NHS Cheshire and Merseyside Strategic Strategic Health Authority, before working as a Personal Trainer and a Wellness Coach. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge on health and wellbeing.

As a Black Belt in both karate and judo, she is well placed to give weight gain the chop.

She also worked as a Weight Watchers leader when her two children, now aged 26 and 28, were younger.

But there is much more to what she does these days than counting calories.

Gill said: “I do say to people don’t worry about the weighing scales. They play some part in what I do, but they’re not the be-all-and-end-all.

“If you are getting healthier, then go by your clothes, and how well they fit you. Ask yourself how you are feeling, how much energy you have.

“It is much more about how you feel.”

Health & Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer Gill Lindsay

It is a journey Gill knows all too well, after struggling with her weight and other health conditions most of her life. That was even the case when she was working as a Personal Trainer, working out several hours each day. She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t feeling as well as she


It was only when she learned more about nutrition, putting that alongside her personal training knowledge, that the pieces began to fall into place.

A friend of Gill’s then introduced her to Herbalife, which helps people as part of a tailored plan.

Herbalife Nutrition is a Company that is 40 years old and has been helping people for 40 years with their weight loss and fitness, while also providing business opportunities for people.

The most important element of this says Gill, who has been working with Herbalife for eight years, is getting breakfast right – many of us just don’t start each day right at all.

There are options available for people whether they are wanting to lose weight in a healthy way, or support sport and fitness aims for example.

Gill, aged 54, said: “Most of my job involves speaking to people and seeing what works best for them.

“A few years ago I retrained as a personal trainer. I was a judo instructor already.

“I opened my own training business, working with people in their own home. Not everyone is confident working out in a group.

“Now I am passionate about nutrition too. I want to have nutrition clubs to have that input in the Community.

“Before the pandemic, I hired a room out at The Talent Factory in Southport so I could see people there, but then the Covid pandemic hit.

“I was also hoping to operate from Banks Leisure Centre, but this hasn’t come to fruition yet.

Speaking with people is important, finding out what works best for them. Now I operate over the phone, or on Zoom, whatever people are most comfortable with.

“A friend of mine who first told me about Herbalife said it is not about sales it is about health, just try it and see what you think.

“So I said ok, I’ll give it a go. I started losing weight, but also lost some of the conditions I was suffering with at the time. I lost the bloating, my constipation stopped.

“Within just eight weeks I went from being a Size 14 to a Size 10.

“I lost 11% of my body fat, and I felt a lot better for it.

“I feel much better now than I did in my 20s and 30s.

“I have much more energy now.

“It made such a massive difference to my everyday life, on all kinds of different levels.

“Working out without getting your nutrition right doesn’t work – you have to find the right balance to get the right results.

“People are so busy now, even during this pandemic, with work, many people working from home now and often home-schooling children too. It’s not easy.

“People want something quick, easy and nutritious and that’s what we provide through Herbalife Nutrition.

“We provide great meal ideas, snack ideas, and more. Some people think you’re living on shakes, but this is a complete meal plan. You can find some great recipes on our Facebook

groups. It can be had in different ways. It is not just a product, it is something more than that.”

It is something people can try for themselves to see if it works for them.

Gill said: “I offer Herbalife Nutrition trial packs for just £14 for people to try the products and see what they think. It is important that people are on the plan that is right for them.

“When they do try it, they understand.

“Everyone’s plan is different and here are plans to suit different people, from just £3 a day to £8 a day.

“With my experience in the NHS and in health, I have got a lot to offer people.

“As well as helping people on an individual basis, I can also work with companies and go to workplaces.”

Gill is also looking to recruit other people to her team.

She said: “People can be their own boss. They can do this part time, full time, whatever works best for them. They can choose to work within their own family and friends.

“I am looking to build a team that can help even more people out there.”

For more details please call Gill Lindsay on: 07951744493 or email: or visit:


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