Naomi Williams

A campaign has been launched to buy a new defibrillator in Southport after one was used to save the life of a local headteacher. 

Naomi Williams has set up a Go Fund Me appeal to provide the life-saving equipment at Railway Terrace in Birkdale

It followed an incident last July when Naomi and other staff members saved the life of a headteacher after he suddenly collapsed on the last day of term last year. 

Fortunately a defibrillator was at hand and the team were all first aid trained as they rushed to save him. 

The headteacher has been able to recover from his ordeal as a result. 

Naomi said: “I live on Railway Terrace in Birkdale. I was in the right position to help save a life and I would like to invite you to help me save another. 

“I work in a school in Southport and on the last day of term my headteacher suffered a cardiac arrest, his condition only had a 2% survival rate. 

“Luckily the school had a defibrillator right next to the playground. When the teacher collapsed one of my colleagues raced to get it and within 35 seconds we had it open and in use. 

Naomi Williams

Naomi Williams

“You never think you’ll need to use one. But luckily we had one available and we were all first aid trained and the training kicked in straight away. 

“He was thanking us afterwards and we told him ‘you were the one who trained us’! 

“He never imagined the defibrillator would be used for saving his life. 

“The First Responder was on the scene really quickly, followed by the paramedics and the ambulance, which took him to Southport Hospital. 

“The paramedics came back to debrief us afterwards. 

“They said that without the defibrillator, he would be dead. 

“With the condition that he had, apparently only 2% of people manage to make it into hospital and survive. 

“Having defibrillators available for use within the community is so important. 

“We had one in the school thanks to the Mark King Foundation, Mark King came in to see us. 

“After that the school did some fundraising and we have six throughout the school now. 

“The defibrillator itself was amazing. It is so easy to use. It tells you exactly what to do and how to use it. 

“Anybody can use one, which is why they are so important. 

“I hope people support our appeal to provide one on Railway Street. 

“It will be great to be able to offer it to residents on Railway Terrace and nearby roads such as Belmont Street and Aughton Road. 

“The nearest one to us is at the Southport Salvation Army centre on Shakespeare Street. 

“To get there we first have to go across the level crossing – we spend half our life waiting for those railway barriers to open! It’s no good in an emergency. 

“To make it readily available we need to buy a secure box linked to 999. These boxes and replacement pads will cost £1,000.

“Time is critical when dealing with heart failure, a defibrillator can make the real difference between life and death.

“Please help make my defib become a community asset, ready to use if you or your loved ones need help. Please help us reach our goal and give what you can.” 

You can donate by visiting the page on the Go Fund Me website titled: Railway Terrace Area Def-fib box appeal. PR8

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    Surely Head Teacher is two separate words?

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