People are being urged to celebrate World Book Day this year by creating a book trail around Churchtown! 

The campaign is being led by Churchtown Primary School, which is urging as many local people and businesses as possible to take part in the fun challenge. 

Their message is that just because we are at home in lockdown for World Book Day this year, it doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate. 

Samantha Keen, Year 6 Teacher, Reading Lead & KS2 Maths Co-ordinator at Churchtown Primary School in Southport, said: “As part of our World Book Day celebrations at Churchtown Primary, we are looking to set up a community book trail.

“We have initially asked children and families from school but would also love any neighbouring houses, shops etc to be a part of it too.

“We are asking people to decorate their front windows or doors celebrating having a love of books or just of a particular book of their choosing. If anybody wants any more information, they can contact


How to get involved: 

1 – Decorate your front window or door linked to your favourite book or series of books, For all in our community to see. You could draw / paint / make characters, book covers, a banner and add props you may have. 


2 – Take a picture of your completed door / window and email it to your child’s year group home learning email address, along with your road name if you don’t mind, by Tuesday 2 March.


3 – Great creative, enjoy and join the trail as part of your daily exercise / walk on Thursday 4 March. 

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