Ainsdale Beach in Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

Car parking charges at Ainsdale Beach in Southport are being reintroduced from this Friday (August 7). 

All payments will be by cash only, with hopes of introducing a card payment scheme delayed by issues with a local phone mast. 

The all-day charge for parking on Ainsdale Beach is £8.

Green Sefton Manager Mark Shaw said: “Owing to a combination of the huge additional costs of supporting local people and organisations through coronavirus and a loss of most sources of income generation, Sefton Council is facing a significant funding shortfall.

“Re-introducing payments for parking on Ainsdale Beach is one of the ways we can start to reduce those effects and generate income for local services including the care of our 22 miles of beautiful coastline.

“Since we re-opened Ainsdale Beach for parking at no charge, we have been trying to introduce a card payment system but connection problems due to the removal of a nearby mobile phone mast have made this impossible.

“We have, therefore, decided to go ahead with a cash only system instead. Visitors are asked to have the right money available to hand over but we will have change, which will be sanitised before use. However, as with any current cash transaction, we would recommend people clean their hands afterwards.”

For regular visitors, Sefton Council offers a money-saving £20 annual season ticket for parking on Ainsdale Beach. Details of how to apply can be found at

This week, Sefton Council has joined fellow Sefton Coastal Landscape Partnership members in a campaign to remind people to continue to be sensible when visiting its coastline. The campaign includes advice to on the need to maintain social distancing and asks visitors to remain respectful and protect Sefton’s public spaces.

The Council also reminds visitors that fires and BBQs are NOT allowed and visitors are asked to refrain from bringing glass bottles and other items onto the beach as they can cause fires and dangerous litter if left behind.

Please respect, protect and enjoy the Sefton coast and do not disturb its wildlife.

People are also being reminded that a Public Spaces Protection Order is in place preventing the outdoor consumption of alcohol in areas of Formby, Crosby & Waterloo including by the Marine Lake as well as Bootle and Formby town centres. The Order can be enforced by Police officers and authorised Council officers and fines for breaching it start at £50.

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