Michala Leyland

A Southport based performance and mindset coach has set a challenge to anyone who is struggling with the chaos and uncertainty of another UK lockdown.

Michala Leyland, who runs Wood for the Trees Coaching, has launched #BeTheDifferenceNov.

She had the idea after being left feeling “very flat and low” last Sunday (2nd November), after the Government announcement about the new Covid restrictions.

Michala said: “When we had the first lockdown I ran a free Resilience Reset for hundreds of women on Facebook.

“I then delivered several ‘Be Clear and Rise Vision Board Online Workshops’ to help people focus on what is important to them in their lives and how they can achieve it everyday, despite what is going on around them.

“From this, 25 business leaders joined my online coaching collective to keep them in the energetic state that will help them get the results they want.

“This time, the collective energy is much flatter. Gone is the clapping and rainbows.

“With the US Presidential elections and Brexit the feelings of uncertainty, changing goal posts and chaos leave people feeling out of control.

“My idea is to help us focus on what we can control and what we can do.”

Michala has put out a call to arms to use this hashtag #BeTheDifferenceNov up until December 2nd, when England is scheduled to come out of the lockdown, although you can live anywhere in the UK or the world to join in. 

She said: “I wanted to feel in control. Seeing family, friends and clients suffer the consequences of this awful pandemic situation made me want to shrink and retreat.

“I’d lost corporate contracts as they were shelved, so I knew others were feeling this way too.

“Staying in that flat energy is not going to help us.

“Instead, everyday I’m going to Be the Difference I want to see and I’d love anyone who wants to join in.

“It can be big or little things that you CAN do to make a difference. From sending a text to a friend or neighbour, donating to the foodbank or picking litter up as you walk on the beach.

“I’ll be logging it and sharing it across my social media platforms to bring a bit of light to people’s lives.

“Already today, I’ve donated to a fundraiser, sent my siblings a message and dropped a present to a friend who is always there for everyone else. #BeThe DifferenceNov Will you join in?

“I’ve had a great response from my Facebook network. For example, someone who is good at CV writing saying they are going to do daily lives to help anyone needing support with their CVs.

“There was a children’s mental health expert offering top tips to parents who lost a business.

“I’m in a community where we will be offering free training for newly redundant people, or people who have lost their business as a consequence of the pandemic. All of them use the hashtag so they are easy to find.

“I’m delivering several free training in my free Facebook community to help purpose driven women in business.

“Larger businesses could partner with charities to support with mentoring or fundraising.

“Individuals can improve their own physical health, whilst raising essential funds for their favourite local charities.

“Whether you are on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, I would love you to join me.

“You are probably doing these things anyway, but let’s create a tidal wave of love and hope at a time when everything can feel uncertain and chaotic.

“Let’s focus on what we can do, not what we can’t.”

For more details follow Michala on www.facebook.com/woodforthetreescoaching

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